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Tire Maintenance

Have you gotten a quick fix for one of your tires recently using a “plug” tire repair? Learn how the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) who is the tire industry’s professional group says how to best repair a flat tire:
  • Take the tire off of the wheel
  • Thoroughly inspect your tire from the inside and outside. The tire should be repaired if:
    • The puncture is <¼ inch
  • There is a puncture on the tread
  • Use a plug to repair the tire while repairing the interior lining with a patch
  • It’s not suggested to overlap repairs
  • Do not patch large holes or holes that are in the sidewall. Doing this could lead to a blowout.
Only using a plug or a patch by themselves is not the safest route for a punctured tire. To provide our clients with the safest tire repair servicing, while meeting the RMA standards, we will repair your tire to give you the possibility for thousands of more miles. If you have any tires with punctures in them; bring them to Lloyd Belt Automotive in Eldon, MO to ensure your tires is repaired safely and up to RMA standards.
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