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Tire How To’s

Do you know how to inspect your tires properly? It doesn’t take long, keep reading to learn Lloyd Belt Automotive’s best suggestion to drive on well-treaded tires consistently. When there is good light, whether that is in your garage or on a sunny day; walk around your vehicle and inspect every tire. Things you should be looking for include:
  • Too high or too low of tire pressure
  • Uneven balance of tire or alignment
  • Any steering or suspension issues while driving your vehicle
If your vehicle isn’t a 4-wheel drive vehicle and you see uneven wear on any of your tires, you should consider having them looked at because you may need to rotate your tires and/or alignment. Some more significant issues to look out for a while expecting your tires include:
  • Slight cracks, treads or sidewalls with bulges in them that indicate excessive wear or weaknesses
  • Anything protruding from your tires such as screws, glass, or nails
  • Loosened tread from the tire
How to check the life if your tread on your tires:
  • Stick a penny top first, and if the tread on your tires does not touch Lincoln’s head you should consider getting new tires as soon as possible
If any of your tires have even one of these issues, stop into Lloyd Belt Automotive in Eldon, MO and have one of our technicians take a look for you.
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