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Tire Basics

Whenever you’re putting a wheel onto its axle, especially with a new tire, it must be balanced to ensure even weight distribution around the axle. When we balance tires, we can see if a tire has a different weight around the wheel with a variant as small as a ¼ ounce. You may think that such a small weight difference may not create any problem while driving your vehicle but even this weights this small while traveling can create large vibrations. When these vibrations are happening to all 4 of the wheels, your vehicle can start to wobble which can dampen your driving experience and the life of your tires. In addition to making your tires wear unevenly, not having your tires balanced can lead to strain on all of the wheel bearings and your suspension system. To ensure your tires are perfectly aligned, our technicians place very light weights at various points around the wheel to align the tires.

You can’t just align your tires one time and be done.

Different parts of your vehicle require regular maintenance and the alignment of it is no different. When you drive your vehicle, it’s never going to be on perfectly leveled ground which can lead to your tires being off balance. It’s important to regularly get your tires aligned every 4,000 to 6,000 miles to ensure that your vehicle drives smoothly and that your tires’ tread is wearing down evenly. Another practice we encourage is to have your tires balanced any time one of your tires need to be replaced or patched.
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