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Tire Service & Repair Services offered by Lloyd Belt Automotive

  • Tire Repair

    Don't let tire problems get you down, our repair technicians can get your tire repaired and you back on the road in no time! Services include removal of the tire from the rim, full inspection, linear repair, puncture repair, remount and balancing, and reset TPMS monitor.

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  • Wheel Alignment

    Sometimes you won’t be able to notice your tires are not aligned well, but even being a little out of alignment can make your tires wear out at a faster rate. Lloyd Belt has experts and the proper tools to get your tires perfectly aligned, every time.  We will inspect all steering and suspension components, tire pressure adjustments, and angle alignment adjustments.

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  • Tire Pressure Check

    It’s good practice to check your tire pressure at least once a month. Our team wants to ensure that your tires have the right pressure all year long, stop by today to get your tire pressure checked for free!

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  • Tire Rotation

    When your tires are rotated it allows them to wear more naturally and will extend their drivable miles. If your vehicle is front wheel drive tire rotation is an even more important part of your regular car maintenance.

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  • Wheel Balancing

    Having your wheels balanced can give you a smoother riding experience. We will remove your old wheels and tires, check your wheels, mount and seal tires, replace wheels and tires, and reset your TPMS monitors.

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  • Tire Mounting

    Did you just purchase a new set of tires? Or are you in need of a new set of tires? Lloyd Belt Automotive will remove your old tires, mount and seal your new ones, and get you back on the road!

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  • Snow Tire Installation

    Lloyd Belt Automotive wants to make sure you’re safe on the road during the winter months. We will remove your original tires, replace with your seasonal tires, and reset TPMS monitors.

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  • Used Tires

    We have used tires on hand that we have inspected to ensure quality and safety. We will assist you in finding the right used tires for you, install and balance them, and reset TPMS monitors.

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