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Suspension & Front End Services offered by Lloyd Belt Automotive

  • Shocks

    Lloyd Belt carries a large variety of shocks for replacement or if you're looking to boost your vehicle's performance. We will inspect your current shocks and install new ones.

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  • Struts

    Struts help in the smoothness of how your vehicle rides, if you're having less than a desirable driving experience you may have an issue with your struts. We will inspect your structs and install new ones if necessary.

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  • Steering & Suspension Evaluation

    Any new problem you are having with difficulty in the handling of your vehicle, experts at Lloyd Belt will be able to diagnose your problem and get you back on the road.

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  • Tie Rods

    Tie rods over time wear out and will need to be replaced. They help push and pull the front tires of your vehicle while you are making turns. Regular maintenance can help keep you safer on the road.

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  • Ball Joints

    Your vehicle relies on ball joints for safe steering, they are what allows your vehicle's wheels to pivot between the suspension system. Get your ball joints checked regularly, if they are faulty that is a safety hazard

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  • Rack & Pinion

    Newer cars are being made with rack-and-pinion steering, this mechanism makes it easier to turn your wheels. Your vehicle's steering abilities rely on a rack-and-pinion mechanism.

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  • CV Joints & CV Axles

    In all Front-Wheel Drive cars and some Rear-Wheel Drive cars, you will find Constant Velocity (CV) Joints and Constant Velocity (CV) Axels. CV Joints and Axels help protect your car's transmission and other parts of your car.

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