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Routine Service & Fluid Services offered by Lloyd Belt Automotive

  • Brake Fluid Exchange

    We recommend a brake fluid exchange to keep your breaking system strong so that way when you need your breaks, they will operate as you would expect. Your entire break system life will also be extended with this additional maintenance. We will remove your old brake fluid and refill with new brake fluid.

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  • Differential Fluid Exchange

    Exchanging your differential fluid takes out the moisture and dirt from your system which helps extend the life and overall performance of your vehicle.  We will remove your old fluid and refill with fresh differential fluid.

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  • Cooling System Flush & Fill

    Your vehicle can lock up or boil over if you don't have a clean cooling system. Having fresh coolant helps slow rust or corrosion to give your radiator a longer life. We will remove old coolant fluid and then refill with fresh coolant fluid.

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  • Transmission Fluid Exchange

    Automatic transmission fluid breaks down over time due to high heat exposure, when your fluid is dirty it causes your transmission to work harder than it needs to. We want your transmission working well at all times, we will install JB Transmission Cleaner and refill the transmission with new fluid and JB Conditioner.

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  • Fuel System Cleaning

    If your engine isn't regularly cleaned it won't be able to work as efficiently. Since your engine can't clean itself we can administer fuel system cleaner and hand clean your air tanks.

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  • Power Steering Fluid Exchange

    Each vehicle needs to have their fluid flushed at different rates, we will give you a professional recommendation. Included in this service is the removal of old power steering fluid, remove of build up, and refill with fresh power steering fluid.

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  • Wiper Blades

    When your windshield wipers start to get worn out they will start to crack and not work as efficiently. We will remove your old wiper blades and install new ones.

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  • Belt Replacement

    The belts in your vehicle have a lot of important jobs that help keep your vehicle running. With exposure to heat, over time they will get worn out. Lloyd Belt specialists will inspect your drive belt and any make any necessary belt replacements.

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  • Radiator & Coolant Hoses

    Over time your radiator and coolant hoses will become brittle and weak due to exposure to heat. We suggest regular maintenance to make sure your radiator won't fail and will keep your vehicle's temperature regular.

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  • Headlights & Taillights

    Making sure your headlights and taillights are fully functional is important for the safety of you and the safety of others. We will inspect all of the lights on your vehicle and make any replacements.

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