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Why do I have to change my oil? LEARN MORE » Conventional Motor Oil vs. Synthetic Motor Oil: What’s the Difference? LEARN MORE » How often should I change my air filter? LEARN MORE »

Lube, Oil, & Filter Services offered by Lloyd Belt Automotive

  • Oil Change

    Regular oil changes are vital to the long-term life of your vehicle’s engine. Service includes new oil filter, up to 5 quarts of (5W/20, 5W/30) Valvoline oil, 27 multi-point inspection, car wash, and vacuum.

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  • Air Filter Change

    Vehicle air filters trap and protect your engine by keeping harmful debris at bay so your vehicle runs more efficiently. Old and dirty air filters lead to reduced engine power, decreased throttle response, weaker acceleration and increased engine wear.  Service includes inspection of the air filter and replacement as necessary.

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  • Cabin Filter Change

    The cabin air filter cleans the air that comes into the interior through the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system. It catches dust, pollen and other airborne material that can make riding in a car unpleasant, particularly if you have allergies or other respiratory problems.  Service includes inspection of cabin filter and replacement as necessary.

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  • Fuel Filter Change

    Symptoms of fuel filter issues include lower gas mileage, less power, and hesitation to accelerate. Replace old filters to restore power and performance and protect vital engine parts. Service includes inspection of the fuel filter and replacement as necessary.

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