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Battery Services offered by Lloyd Belt Automotive

  • Installation of New Battery

    Are you in need of a new battery for your vehicle? Or maybe you bought a new battery elsewhere and need it installed? Lloyd Belt Automotive can help you with either of those problems and get you back on the road!

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  • Battery Testing

    Your battery is the heart of your vehicle, if it doesn't have power, your vehicle will not be able to start. Batteries don't last forever, we suggest that you regularly get your battery checked to consistently keep you on the road.

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  • Battery Cable Replacement

    Having battery cables that work is vital for your vehicle to run. Our specialists can diagnose any problems with your battery cable and make the necessary repairs and replacements.

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  • Alternator Test & Replacement

    Sometimes when you're having issues starting your vehicle it isn't the battery, you could be having issues with your alternator. We will do a full inspection and replace any necessary pieces.

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  • Starter Test & Replacement

    Your car won't start, but your lights are still on. You may have an issue with your starter. We'll test the starter motor in your vehicle and make any necessary replacements.

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