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the Tire Specialist, has been with the company 20+ years
“We are good at what we do because we keep at it until we get it right.”
  • Can install tires on all passenger and light duty trucks
  • Tire Repairs
  • Alignments
  • If we don’t have the tires in stock we can have them next day
  • We carry all major brands
  • FREE Rotation for Life of Tires with purchase of 4 new tires
  • We use a Hunter Road Force Balancer which is the best equipment on the market to insure your satisfaction.

Safety & Maintenance

Did you just recently get a “plug” on one of your tires and curious if you should still be driving on that tire? Learn if driving on that tire is safe or not.

Tire Basics

When your tires are not balanced they can rub unevenly; learn about the importance of tire alignment.

How To's

Learn how to quickly and efficiently inspect your tires to extend the life of them for many more miles to come.


We have a variety of tire brands to choose from. View the brands page for a listing.

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